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5 Non-Diet Ways To Be Healthier

I couldn’t be more excited for the New Year! Although KISS in the Kitchen will always be a food and nutrition blog, I’m excited to expand it a bit to include more components of healthy living. I’m also excited that these days there is more and more focus on non-diet philosophies and other important factors that contribute to our health. I would argue our physical, spiritual and mental well-being are just as important (and sometimes more) than the food we put in our bodies. I can eat “healthy” food all day long, but if I’m underslept, overworked, not moving my body and being over-exposured to toxins/chemicals through my environment, that food can’t possible compensate for all those other negative lifestyle factors. That’s actually good news though- it means there are more ways to work on being healthful than just food and I’m excited to share my favorite ways to boost your health that aren’t food or exercise related!

1.) Ditch the plastic. Use less plastic and store your food in less plastic. There’s a few ways to do this, but I’m finding the easiest way to transition is by slowly replacing your plastic storage containers with glass ones. There are also silicone storage bags that are great for keeping snacks fresh!
​2.) Choose safer skincare/beauty products. This has become a huge passion project for me. After having Joy, I began doing more research into what is actually in my skincare and makeup and needless to say, I no longer felt comfortable using those products- especially with her licking on me! Once you know better, you do better. I started with simple switches like a natural deodorant and natural chapstickPrimally Pure is my favorite brand for both of those things, as well as body butter and dry shampoo. If you’re interested in trying out any of their products, you can use the code “KISS” at checkout for 10% off your first order!
I’m also in the process to converting all my skincare and makeup to Beautycounter. Beautycounter bans more than 1500 ingredients from their products and is truly on a mission to get safer skincare in the hands of everyone. I couldn’t be more excited to be a party of a company that is making a difference in the skincare and beauty industry and has such honorable practices. Plus, their safer skincare and makeup performs really well. If safer beauty is an interest or passion for you, shoot me an email- I’d love to chat with you more!

3. Put the phone down. I understand how hard this one can be. I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking you can tackle less plastic and safer beauty, but less screentime is going to be a bit too hard. It’s hard, but oh so worth it. For the sake of being present, resting your mind and having meaningful connections, reduce the time you spend on your phone. Start by not having it at the dinner table or in the bed at night or utilize the screentime limit feature you can now find on your Iphone! 

4. Read more. When’s the last time you cracked open a book or magazine? Personally, I have magazines piling up on my coffee table and several books on a shelf that I purchased pre-baby and just haven’t had a chance to read. Whether you’re reading something educational, Your Bible or a fiction book, consider committing to daily or at least weekly reading this year!
5. Focus on your breath. We tend to rush around so much and pay very little attention to our breathing. Focusing on our breath or doing deep breathing exercises is an excellent way to reduce stress. Whether you actually stop to complete some deep breathing exercises or you just pause to pay attention to your breath, both are beneficial. When feeling stressed, an excellent first response is to take a deep breath.

I’m wishing y’all a blessed and prosperous New Year that is full of health! I’m looking forward to sharing more simple, healthy and delicious recipes with y’all in 2019! <3 Shannon

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