5 Steps to a Sassy and Sustaining Salad

Calling all salad fans… or those who desperately want to be salad fans. Salad is great (sure, as a dietitian, I’m a little biased), BUT REALLY- the textures and flavors of salad can be out of this world. —Fresh greens, crisp veggies, toasted nuts, chewy cranberries, filling protein and flavor packed salad dressing– What part of that doesn’t sound amazing?

We both know the answer to that rhetorical question. 

I like to say salads should be sassy and satisfying– have some sass from all the flavors and be satisfying from the crunch (fiber) of the veggies and filling lean protein. 

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This afternoon I’ll be at USAA whipping up a Grilled Asian Chicken Salad in one of their cafes. Thousands of employees will swing by for a visit and chat about nutrition- how fun!

*Note: If you’re visiting KISS in the Kitchen because the USAA Cooking Demonstration, it’s so nice to meet you :). Thank you for stopping by!*

Alright, back to creating a sassy and satisfying salad. Here are 5 simple steps to ensuring your salad is delicious and nutritious!

Step 1: Choose a generous bed of greens- at least 3 cups. Spinach, kale, field greens and romaine are all excellent choices. Keep the ‘berg to a minimum; the greener the better!

Step 2: LOAD up on veggies- think COLOR and CRUNCH. Carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, jicama- the more the merrier. Good rule of thumb- choose at least 3 different colors from veggies.

Step 3: Add 1-2 fruits. Fresh sliced apples, pears, oranges, berries, pomegranate seeds and fresh medjool dates are perfect sweet additions.

Step 4: Choose only 1-2 of the high fat “extras”. Avocados, nuts, seeds, and olives may be packed with heart healthy fats, but we don’t need all 4 of those. Cheese has protein, but include it as one of these “extras”.

Step 5: Top with at least 3oz of lean protein! Chicken breast, lean beef, tuna, or tofu will make your salad more sustaining (and delicious!).

I used bagged romaine salad, added a few sliced cucumbers, sliced baby carrots, diced tomato then chopped Medjool date, avocado and a skewer of leftover beef Kabob from Zoe’s Kitchen. Dressing on the side, of course!
Print or save the image below for an on-the-go reminder on how to build a sassy and satisfying salad!

Thanks for stopping by! And remember… when in doubt, just KISS it. <3 Shannon
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