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Non-Toxic Window Coverings

Non-Toxic Window Coverings in a child's room

Non-toxic window coverings that will last the test of time, while being stylish, sustainable and safe, can be hard to come by. This article walks you through what to look for, why it’s important and how to choose non-toxic window coverings!

Safer Summer Essentials for the Family

Summer is here and with that comes the need for summer essentials like sunscreen, bug spray, after-sun lotions and more! Just a few years ago I had no clue what potentially harmful ingredients were lurking in my personal care products and you can rest assured that all the products below are some of the safest […]

5 Non-Diet Ways To Be Healthier


I couldn’t be more excited for the New Year! Although KISS in the Kitchen will always be a food and nutrition blog, I’m excited to expand it a bit to include more components of healthy living. I’m also excited that these days there is more and more focus on non-diet philosophies and other important factors […]

Fauxbreze: Natural Odor & Germ Fighting Spray

So it’s safe to say I’m a little granola. Not like full blown cruncheriffic, but enough to have made the switch to Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and want to experiment making my own “Febreze” with essential oils. I’ve been fostering this sweet pupper, Ruthie, and this past week her adoption became official! I love her to pieces, […]

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