Sheet Pan Cod with Crispy Potatoes

Cod Sheet Pan with Potatoes and Tomatoes

Sheet pan cod with crispy potatoes will quickly become your favorite weeknight sheet pan meal. Meaty cod without a strong fishy flavor plus crispy seasoned potatoes and roasted tomatoes all come together with a creamy dill sauce that will have your tastebuds dancing! Don’t be surprised when your kids ask for seconds of this cod […]

Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies

Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies

This Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies recipe is the perfect and fast weeknight meal filled with rich fall flavors, nourishing vegetables and your favorite chicken sausage! If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times, sheet pan meals are the lifeblood of our kitchen. This sheet pan sausage and veggies was a much […]

Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs and Veggies

Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs and Veggies

Juicy sheet pan chicken thighs and veggies with a tangy and slightly sweet pomegranate lime marinade turned sauce, is the type of recipe we all need in our bag of tricks! I’m cutting straight to the point- here’s the top 3 reasons why you need this sheet pan chicken thighs and veggies recipe in your […]

Top 9 Posts of 2019


Instagram has the top 9 posts of 2019 and so does KISS in the Kitchen! After all, what’s better than a one stop shop for the recipes that can make your holidays and New Year go a little more smoothly. These top 9 posts are the ones that YOU loved the most and were kind […]

Sheet Pan Shrimp Primavera


You know those days where you’re torn between just ordering takeout or making something at home because even though you’re home, it would take less time to order food and pick it up/have it delivered than it would to just make it? Well this Sheet Pan Shrimp Primavera Recipe can be your sure fire way […]

Maple BBQ Mini Meatloaves with Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

If you’re just joining this sheetpan series, welcome! And if you’re returning for more, welcome back! After featuring an incredibly simple breakfast sheet pan last week and a vegetarian mushroom fajita sheet pan the week before, it’s time for a hearty dinner recipe! These Maple BBQ Mini Meat Loaves are SO easy and incredibly delicious. […]

Potato, Egg & Bacon Sheet Pan Bake

Do you remember that scene from Runaway Bride where Richard Gere (swoon) is yelling at Julia Roberts telling her she’s so lost that she doesn’t even know what kind of eggs she likes?! I feel like that’s kinda sorta like motherhood. We get so busy and caught up in everyone else’s needs that we don’t […]

Portabella Mushroom Sheet Pan Fajitas

I’m excited to partner with Monterey Mushrooms, the largest fresh mushroom grower in North America, for this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I only partner with brands and products I genuinely love using in my own kitchen. Happy fall, y’all! I couldn’t be more excited than to kick off fall season with a […]

Buffalo Hummus and Chicken Nachos


I’m excited to partner with Lantana Foods for this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I only partner with brands and products I genuinely love using in my own kitchen.   Making classic Dad food “healthy” is one of those things I’ve always struggled with. Do we go all out because it’s Father’s Day or […]

Lemon Dill Salmon Sheet Pan Meal

Sheet pan meals are where it’s at, y’all! But then again, y’all already know that. Whenever I take polls on Instagram to find out what recipes y’all want more of, it’s often sheet pan meals. Instant Pot recipes are also a popular answer so I’ll be working on some of those for y’all soon! In the meantime, […]