Comfort Food and Some Prayers

This post is a complete byproduct of a crappy crappy week. Crapola, I tell you. Physically and emotionally, this week has been for the birds. So of course I ponder “how can I turn this into blog material without just signing like a whiny baby?”. And while pouring my 19th cup of hot tea, it hit me- let’s chat about comfort food and comfort drinks. We all have our specific “feel-better” foods or “pick me-up” drinks (alcohol didn’t make my list, but I’m not judging if it’s on yours!), and I’m willing to bet it goes beyond just chicken noodle soup.
Hot Tea, but not just any hot tea.
Preferably Yogi Tea because.. well, you get a little “fortune-cookie” style tea bag with words of wisdom. And let’s face it, when you’re sick, you’ll take any form of encouragement- even from a tea bag. Second criteria is it’s gotta have echinacea in it. Sure, there are studies showing echinacea doesn’t do a thing for a cold, but I’m cool with the placebo effect. Vitamin C, echinacea, lemon- load me up, it ain’t gonna make things any worse! Lastly, I try and choose a motivational mug or at least one that’s yellow. Yellow makes everything better.
We all handle stress and hard times differently. And by differently, I mean there are those who want to eat everything in sight and those who don’t want to eat a thing. I’m the latter, but there are still a few items I can stomach when I feel like poop.

Won-Ton Soup or Pho
There’s something about a huge bowl of steamy soup to lessen your misery. Maybe it’s the steam pouring off that gives you a mini-facial for the price of broth OR possibly the fortune inside the cookie after the soup is over, but a HUGE bowl of chicken-broth based soup is a must. And believe it or not, there is some research to support the carnosine in chicken broth can help fight off cold/flus. So if you’re looking for those benefits, make sure you order chicken based broth at Vietnamese restaurants because most Pho is beef-based!

Cream of Wheat with Mashed Nanners
When I didn’t feel well as a child, my mom would make cream of wheat (NOT Malt-o-meal) and mix it with mashed ripe nanners. To this day, it’s my number one feel-better food. And it’s funny how bananas are automatically called “nanners” when you don’t feel well. Please don’t knock it til you try it- it’s better than it looks… #promise.

Orange Juice
I rarely drink juice and I can’t count how many times I tell parents “4-6 oz of juice per day is the most a kiddo should be drinking, and they don’t even need that….”, but there’s something about orange juice (with pulp) that quenches my thirst when I’m fevering and feeling puny.

Okay, prayer is not edible or drinkable- totally get it. But it can consume you and you betcha while I’m drinking my tea and eating spoonfuls of Cream of Wheat, I’m talking to the man upstairs. No one and no thing can ease a hurting heart like an open, transparent chat with the good Lord. #keepinitreal

Alright, YOUR turn!! What’s yours? I want to know your comfort food or beverage- what makes the physical or emotional crap in life better?
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