Fauxbreze: Natural Odor & Germ Fighting Spray

So it’s safe to say I’m a little granola. Not like full blown cruncheriffic, but enough to have made the switch to Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and want to experiment making my own “Febreze” with essential oils. I’ve been fostering this sweet pupper, Ruthie, and this past week her adoption became official! I love her to pieces, BUT holy smokes, girlfriend smells like a dog. I’ve already been putting some EOs on this sweet girl’s neck, but it was time all her belongings got treated with some natural odor/germ killing “Fauxbreze”! Look at this sweet girl….

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This mixture is super simple and the basic ingredients of water, witch hazel and baking soda you probably have on hand. You’ll also need essential oils for the odor/germ fighting part of this spray! I use Young Living essential oils and am so pleased with their quality and benefits! I’ve also been cooking with them a lot and even created a free download: 20 ways to Use Essential Oils!
I found this fun “plant mister” at World Market and it makes for the perfect Fauxbreze container, especially since darker colors help protect the essential oils. An amber glass bottle would work well also.
KISS Tip: Keep the Tea Tree oil for its antimicrobial properties, but experiment with the other essential oils until you’ve found your favorite scent combo. Lavender + lemon or grapefruit + lime would be good combos!

Homemade Fauxbreze
Makes: ~8oz
Time: 5 minutes

1/2 cup distilled water
1/2 cup witch hazel

1 1/2 tsp baking soda
5 drops Tea Tree Oil
20 drops citrus oil (I used half lime, half tangerine)

1.) Combine all ingredients in glass measuring cup.
2.) Pour (using funnel, if necessary) into dark colored glass bottle.
3.) Spray all the stinky areas in your house :).

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4 Responses

    1. Thank you, Lauren! Yes, this is a great first place to start with EOs :). I actually just whipped up another batch last night! If you have any questions, just let me know. They’re great to cook with also!

  1. What a beauty-congrats!!! I love that you made your own Fauxbreeze 🙂 With a 8 yo Labradoodle and a 7 mo rescue pup in our house, I need 10 gallons of this!!!

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