Healthy in a Hurry: HelloFresh

Disclosure: KISS In the Kitchen received one or more of the products mentioned for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.
It’s tax season…. so we need every second (and every penny) that we can get our hands on. Even as a dietitian, I totally struggle with getting meals to the table in a timely manner (maybe because I photograph every step of the recipe? OOORRR maybe because I’m a human being). Regardless, I’m grateful for a meal kit delivery service, like HelloFresh, because they do all the hard work for you.
Here at KISS in the Kitchen, I’m always about keeping it simple (KISS = Keep it Simple, Shannon). Not having enough time is a major excuse for why we don’t cook more, and HelloFresh does all the recipe planning, food shopping, ingredient prepping AND delivers it straight to your door. Last night, I made a Beef & Ginger Stir Fry in about 20 minutes- seriously.
I also like working with HelloFresh because they are the only meal kit delivery service who has a full-time Registered Dietitian on staff to make sure meals are nutritionally balanced. No worries- these meals are still full of flavor AND the meals change weekly with the choice of both classic and vegetarian boxes.
It seems like I learn a new trick every time I order HelloFresh. This time around, it was grating zucchini and placing it on top of chicken breast in the oven- it adds moisture and veggies, so that’s what I call a big nutrition win. This meal/recipe can be found on the HelloFresh site and a recipe card accompanies each meal kit so you can reuse for inspiration later!
Remember, when in doubt, just KISS it! <3 Shannon
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