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Taco Stuffed Peppers with Beef and Mushrooms

I’m excited to partner with Monterey Mushrooms, the largest fresh mushroom grower in North America, for this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I only partner with brands and products I genuinely love using in my own kitchen.


Y’all it’s that time again- Fiesta 2018 is about to kick-off! Here in San Antonio, we have an annual party that lasts almost two weeks. If you don’t believe me, check out our official Fiesta website! From family-friendly events to special menus featured at restaurants to some pretty fun night-time bashes, Fiesta is a big darn deal in San Antonio. There’s even events for our pets! So it’s only the right thing to do to have a Fiesta friendly recipe on the blog to celebrate this special time. And in true KISS in the Kitchen style, it’s SO simple- like 5 ingredient simple.

Similar to my 5 Ingredient Beef and Mushroom Meatballs featured last month, these Stuffed Peppers use Monterey Mushroom’s new Let’s Blend product- pre-seaoned and finely diced fresh mushrooms. I used their Mexican blend and was thrilled that I didn’t have to add a single additional spice (or chop a single mushroom)! The flavor is SPOT ON and I’m confident your whole fam will love it- from little eaters to hungry husbands.

Check out the gallery below to get an idea of how truly easy this recipe is and you can also tune in on Monday, April 23rd to a Facebook Live on the KISS in the Kitchen page to watch me and my almost full grown baby bump make this recipe!

I’ve been using Let’s Blend in everything from burgers, to tacos to meatballs and now stuffed peppers. In addition to boosting the moisture and flavor in all your ground meat recipes, Let’s Blend also helps the recipe stretch further. Incorporating fresh mushrooms into meat recipes can increase the nutrition while also helping with sustainability. One million pounds of mushrooms can grow in the space of just one acre, while requiring minimal water and are ready to harvest in just a matter of days. This makes them one of the most earth-friendly and renewable crops available!

​KISS Tip: Personalize this recipe to your family’s liking. Swap out the lean ground beef for ground turkey or chicken, add quinoa instead of rice or serve on top of a chunky corn tomato salsa!

Wishing everyone a safe and fun Fiesta here in San Antonio! And if you’re outside of San Antonio, you should really consider a visit during Fiesta ;).

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Taco Stuffed Beef and Mushroom Peppers

Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Total Time45 minutes
Servings: 6


  • 6 brightly colored bell peppers, washed, deseeded and caps removed
  • 1 lb. lean ground beef (93/7)
  • 1 package Monterey Mushroom’s Mexican Let’s Blend (Learn to make Let’s Blend at home!)
  • 1 cup steamed white or brown rice (I used a microwaveable pack for ease!)
  • 3/4 cup shredded Mexican cheese
  • Avocado and cilantro for garnish


  • Preheat oven to 375°.
  • While oven is preheating, trim the caps off the bell peppers and remove the stem/seeds. (KISS Tip– if you find an abundance of seeds coating the inside of the pepper, rinse the seeds out at the kitchen sink.)
  • Place peppers in a ceramic or glass baking dish. Pour 1 cup of water in the base of the dish, cover tightly with foil and bake for about 12 minutes.
  • While peppers are par-baking, prepare the meat and mushroom mixture by browning the ground beef over medium heat for 7-8 minutes or until no longer pink. Drain any grease and add 1 package of Mexican Let’s Blend, mixing together over low heat. Mix in the steamed rice.
  • Let peppers cool slightly (just so you don’t burn your hands) before sprinkling 1 tablespoon of shredded Mexican cheese at the bottom of each pepper. Begin to spoon the filling in each pepper; there should be just enough to fill to the top.*
  • Bake uncovered for an additional 20-23 minutes until peppers can be easily pierced with a fork and aren’t too al dente (no need to remove the water in the baking dish).
  • Remove from oven and let cool for 5 minutes before topping with avocado, cilantro or any of your favorite taco-style toppings**!


*If you have a little extra due to smaller peppers, you can pack the mixture in with a spoon or possibly make another pepper or two, but with the peppers I used there was just enough to fill 6 peppers.
**If you want to make a FAST corn salsa, simply mix 1 1/2 cups sweet corn (I use frozen and just let it thaw on the counter for 30 minutes) with 1 cup chopped tomato, 1/3 cup chopped cilantro and the juice of one lime in a small bowl and mix well!

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28 Responses

  1. These look delicious! I am absolutely loving stuffing everything in bell peppers lately. Tacos are such a fun + creative idea. Loving the mushrooms and all that avocado 🙂

    1. Thank you, Whitney! We certainly share a love for stuffed peppers and the preseasoned and finely diced fresh mushrooms definitely give this dish a major flavor and nutrition boost!! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Bell peppers are absolutely 1 of my favorite veggies, so stuffing anything in ’em sounds delicious to me! I love that you used mushrooms to “stretch” the beef a little and “beef” up the veggies!!

    1. Thanks so much, Chelsey! So glad you like the recipe and yes- beefing up and stretching recipes by blending mushrooms is my favorite!

  3. Taco stuffed peppers sound perfect! Right up my alley, and those minced mushrooms look delicious too!

  4. Stuffed bell peppers is something I never make – but with something this delicious I gotta try it! Looks flavorful and nutritious

    1. Thank you, Charlene! So glad this recipe was inspiration to make them more often. Please let me know what you think!

    1. Thanks, Abbey! Yes- super fun and easy. Perfect for taco night or their other flavors (Italian or classic) are perfect for spaghetti, meatballs, burgers and more!

  5. Great idea using the peppers with the taco filling. I’m going to have to try this. I’m also a big fan of using minced mushrooms in with my ground meat (my kids don’t notice!) and I didn’t know that pre-minced mushrooms were available. What a time saver!

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! Totally with you on adding mushrooms to ground meat- it’s great for so many reasons. Monterey Mushrooms Let’s Blend is the only product like it- they’re really on top of the “ blending” food trend and it does save so much time!! Hope you get to try it out!

    1. Yes! Total game changer! Plus, the seasoning part is taken care of also. Win win! Thanks for stopping by, Lindsey!

  6. A 2 week party sounds amazing (exhausting but still amazing). This would be a hit at any party!

    1. You’re so right, Brynn! It’s such a huge part of the city’s culture and history though- pretty cool stuff! And thanks- the recipe is definitely party worthy!

  7. What a fantastic light supper! I think I would swap out the beef for lenils here for a meatless version. The colors here are fantastic! I’m thinking the mini bells could be used here for an appeizer version. This is making me hungry… now I know what’s for dinner! 😉

    1. I love ALL your ideas, Catherine! Can’t wait to hear if you try out a modified version! Thanks for stopping by :).

  8. I made these per the recipe (minus the nutritional yeast since I didn’t have any) and they were wonderful! I also mad f9 e the creamy cilantro dressing and that was fabulous I can see putting that on all manner of things, not just these peppers. I think it would go great on your black bean corn burgers (which are also fabulous btw, and sooo easy) but I digress. Have you tried making these in an IP? I figured I’d give it a go next time I make them

    1. Hi Merlyn! I’m so glad you enjoyed them and no I haven’t! If you make them, please let me know how they turn out in the IP!

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