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Where are you located?
Lone Star Nutrition, LLC is a business offering concierge nutrition services. Nutrition services will take place in your home, place of business or other mutually agreed upon location that’s convenient for you.

What time are your office hours?
Office hours are very flexible. Appointments can be scheduled Monday-Friday morning through evening.

What can I expect at an initial visit?
Initial visits will last 60-75 minutes. We will go over the information in the intake form filled out prior to the visit, medical history, nutrition concerns/questions to work together in identifying potential areas of improvement and together make a plan to meet your healthy lifestyle goals. 

Why are package purchases encouraged?
The bottom line is both children and adults do better when they are accountable to someone, and there is scheduled follow-up to ensure progress towards healthy lifestyle goals. If you’re looking for a quick fix, I may not be the best dietitian for you. Contact me for a free 15 minute consultation so we can talk more about your options!

Is there anything I should do before my initial visit?
Yes, several forms should be filled out prior to your initial visit. The HIPAA compliance form, Patient Acknowledgement form and nutrition assessment form should be completed prior to the first visit. Depending on the nature of your visit, I will let you know if it’s necessary to keep a 3 day food log prior to your first visit.

What can I expect at a follow up visit?
Follow-up visits range from 30-45 minutes. We will evaluate progress towards goals, identify any barriers to success and revise your plan to meet your goals once your initial ones are met! Frequency of follow-up visits vary widely among clients.

Do you accept insurance?
Currently, Lone Star Nutrition, LLC does not take insurance. All payments can be made with cash, check or Paypal.

What have others said about their experience with me?
Check out any recent Google reviews here.

Contact me with any questions!

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